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How many times have you clicked on a video link, and then, once it is opened, realized that you were going to have to devote several minutes of your time to watching it? That happens all the time. Often, once folks realize how long the video is, they'll simply close it and move on to something else. So, with Minute of Truth videos, we limit them to one minute, which should be watchable by anyone who clicks on them.


Now, understand that these videos don't delve very deeply into all the theological depths of any doctrine, but they do present spiritual truths that, often, are different from what is commonly taught in the mainstream "church." We also provide links to more complete articles for anyone who wishes to obtain a deeper knowledge of these truths.


From Christian to Believer

If you want to study the spiritual truths that are presented in these videos much more thoroughly, they are presented in this book. Be prepared to be moved out of your spiritual comfort zone as From Christian to Believer pits the truths of the Spirit against the traditions of men, and exposes the differences between the two. This book shines light on the narrow path of truth that exists between the church and the Hebraic Roots Movement, and exposes errors that exist on either side of it. More information


Minute of Truth is a ministry of Way of the Tabernacle, Forest, VA